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korela I am a lawyer of the Supreme Court and the Council of State of Greece, Accredited Mediator and Selected Moderator for the Extrajudicial Mechanism of Corporate Debts Regulation, with specialization in Restructuring corporate business loans of statute 4469/17, with extensive experience in all areas of domestic and international law, addressing cases before every court of the country as well as the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), collaborating with law firms abroad. I am also an Accredited Mediator and handle cases related especially with corporate business loans, family law and cases of property disputes.

The Firm consists of experienced attorneys and associates undertaking cases of financial nature, borrowers’ and consumers’ affairs, indebted households, cases of Loans of Swiss Franc, disengagement from loans and debts, cases of corporate law, payment Orders and oppositions-injunctions, cases of civil nature – family (divorces, alimonies, children custody and communication, adoptions, etc.), wills, leases, sales,  car accidents cases, real estate transactions, property law, commercial, intellectual property and trademark rights, criminal law (cheques, theft, robbery, fraud, illegal substances etc.), cases of medicated addicts in OKANA, fiscal-tax cases, administrative, electronic crime, investments from foreigners, residence permits-visa and other, in the first, second and final degree before the Supreme Court of Greece.

Specifically, regarding matters of intellectual property, we compile or amend contracts, with attention to details, and handle the negotiations altogether, aiming to serve, protect and promote the interests (financial and/or otherwise) of our clients, be they producers or artists.

For nationals of third countries (non-European ones), who are interested in investing in Greek Real Estate, we provide our services in order for the involved party to find and purchase a thoroughly (legally and otherwise) inspected property, with the cooperation of our associates in Real Estate. Afterwards, we handle the issuance of a residence permit based on that investment for the party, a process that requires coordination with the public authorities and administrative services, as well as private institutions (i.e. banks) and has proven to be altogether complicated.

We also carry out the preparation and filing of residence permits for foreign citizens and their families, understanding that this very common, and yet very complex procedure is of great importance to a great number of people and affects greatly their every day life.

Additionally, in cases where every domestic legal mean has been exhausted, we handle appeals before the European Court of Human Rights.

We also collaborate with other Law Firms in Greece and abroad as well as notaries, accountants, brokers, consultants etc, in order to provide fully supported legal services or general consulting, in accordance with  the needs and nature of each case, representing individuals, merchants, professionals and companies.

Our ethic of work, professionalism, responsibility and respect toward every client in addition to the provision of excellent legal services is our strongest asset against the crisis of values our society faces during this time of distress and has been proven to be the foundation of our excellent reputation.

Myself, as a lawyer – Accredited Mediator and my associates, adhering to the 3898/2010 statute “Mediation in cases of civil and commercial nature”, handle with great success the extrajudicial resolve of disputes of civil-commercial nature, as well as of family, banking or other types of disputes, assisting in the essential resolve of problems and differences. Having a thorough knowledge and experience in cases of bank loans,our team of my associates, lawyers and economic consultants, undertake cases of corporations that pursue to be submitted in the procedure of statute 4469/17, regarding the Extrajudicial Mechanism of Corporate Debts Regulation. We handle the filing of the Corporation’s petition to entry the Extrajudicial Mechanism, as well as the process of the petition and the negotiations, until the successful completion, which means that every prosecution, forced measures of foreclosure or auction against the corporation shall cease, and so bankruptcy and its consequences can be avoided.

The whole team aims at constant education in every aspect of mediation, resulting in high-level services, which are provided to citizens, as well as companies and corporations.

If you would like to ask for clarifications regarding Accredited Mediation and learn how it could function in your own case, contact us at the phone numbers (+30 2108811903, +30 6932455478).